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Our Lead Generation Processes You Could be Into

Exclusive and unique UAE agency where you will enroll in a “pay per ROI” proven method of elite advertising giving you as a client and partner from Desierto Media a full quantifiable process of exponential business growth.
Automatic Lead Generation
International Media coverage with celebrities online and offline advertising your products in our media production agency including but not limited to video, audio and image production for commercials and brand recognition throughout the web.
Media Domination
Taking advantage of the world wide web we push and pull the customers into our sales funnels which are completely controlled and analyzed for a full optimization reaching a peak revenue after extensive testing.
Fully Optimized Client Acquisition Method

Our Proven Process, Produces Results


We communicate with you in order to set the goals and then lay out the possibilities to make your business grow more.


Then set a plan of action to guide the neuro-marketing strategy that we will implement for the future growth of your company.


The execution of the plan takes place just as we laid out for you; starting the online and offline presence of your brand.


Mathematical optimization of the marketing efforts is achieved after countless hours of experience for maximum client ROI.


We deliver you a crafted and unique method of exponential growth tailored specifically for your business plans of expansion.

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Through Experience, Preparation & Professional Analysis

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Desierto media is a global full-service, fully-integrated marketing agency solving business challenges. The creative, upstream, and unique approach for customer capture is the key to the success of our happy clients.

From online to offline marketing; Desierto Media caters to all forms of brand and product presence.
We are also the only agency in the UAE that offers a “pay per lead” method of marketing, which is a “pay per ROI” approach to advertising.

The mathematical and systematic approach of our methods based on research and split testing to optimize the maximum return, putting other forms of marketing to a less optimal development point.

Our forms of marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have returned the best return on investment in the region and in the rest of the world with our multi-national client-base.

Neuro-Marketing is one of the key features in the arsenal of this marketing and public relations agency, studying the behavior of each possible customer for our clients, comes as the most important tool.

In the marketing of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, both methods of marketing are still extremely effective, which are the “push and pull marketing”.

Push Marketing refers to pushing the product to the customer when he has no buyer intent yet.

Pull Marketing refers to the method of pulling a customer when he is already looking for a product.

Combining the two to work in a synergistic is the result of extensive research and testing for a full systematic incorporation of these two methods, coming as a clean and fully responsive solution for our clients into extremely increased customer acquisition and rapid customer engagement returning enhanced and measurable revenue.

Desiertomedia.com has been always in the forefront of the best, most innovative and upstream forms of marketing for brand and product recognition within the masses.

Elite and selected clients can apply for a free analysis of their company’s business for us to evaluate the client and analyze the best and most systematic profitable approach for the client in the best possible form or forms of marketing combined into a full strategy for customer acquisition.