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Our online marketing and advertising methods are proven and tested for an increased ROI like no other agency out there providing not only huge return on investment to our clients but also an increased and unmatched exposure through tested and automated methods.

UAE’s FIRST Research Proven agency.

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Gain Exposure

Our holistic methods will hit every media outlet possible making your brand, products, and services impossible to miss by your dream customers every day throughout the web.

Grow your Customer Base

Your customer base has no other choice but to grow exponentially throughout our advertising campaigns across the most popular media hubs. New customers day in and day out.

Increase Revenue

Finally as a result of an increased exposure and a much larger customer base you will end up with a much higher revenue than before, all of that while on autopilot from us.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Search Engine Domination

Being there for a customer who is already looking for your product is one of the the easiest sells on the market. We automate this for you as a part of our entire advertising program.

facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising

The most used platform of the world is a gold mine for getting your ideal customers through mild and suggestive posts that show in their newsfeed. We optimize entire sales funnels with them.

online advertising

Online Advertising

The rest of the internet is also at our disposal with 95% of websites in the world having spaces dedicated to ads. We take that to our advantage and publish ads globally with your brand.


This is how it all ties together: all of the customers that are interested in your products and brand will be followed with ads everywhere; enticing them to purchase your product and service.

And this all ties down together in our automated, tested and proven methods for maximum ROI.


is measured, tested, analyzed, proven and optimized personally for your specific brand and product; implemented and ALL Automated through us, your new partners. Explore the new possibilities of a global method of marketing.

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Through Proven Methods, Innovation & Sheer Analysis Execution

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Creating an amazing product with an amazing brand or business but not marketing it is the equivalent of opening the best shop in the world but building it in the middle of the desert.

No matter how good it is, no matter how much time and effort you put into it, if people don’t know about it, there will be no sales, there will be no revenue at all, this applies very well to Dubai.

So how do you put your product out there for the public to see?

Well the only way do to it is through a digital advertising agency!

There are tons of ways you can advertise, full complete systems that will take your business from 0 to 100 in a matter of months, weeks or even days.

Are the true top advertising agencies of Dubai really capable of this?

Well it depends, obviously, depends on the product, the budget, the time and obviously the expertise of the agency we’re talking about in here.

First of all, the top advertising agency in Dubai which is Desierto Media has spent countless months, not even days, not even hours testing, developing, proving, analyzing, optimizing different methods and strategies to help businesses excel in their trade.

How is this possible?

Well the truth of the matter is that testing and analyzing while optimizing the strategies definitely pays off. You do reach the end of the rainbow and you do understand how everything works.

To begin with digital advertising, this outstanding Dubai company and firm has developed methods that encompass the biggest bottle necks of traffic of the web.

Your brand and products will be shown throughout the top 4 websites in the world visited by every single living person every day, which are facebook, google, youtube, twitter.

Not only your brand and products will be shown there, but they will be specific to your buyers and your target audience.

Targeting” is the key element in all this equation that will result in massive business scaling.

Here in Dubai the upsales and value of products is extremely high, which is why it is so profitable to target this local audience when selling any form of product out there.

After all that being said, a very important element in all this is the fact that we also develop in this whole system and strategy a portal for the customer to be charmed with your products and services, like a true experienced agency will do.

This comes in the form of a website. A unique and special website will be the landing portion of your digital advertising funnel for your specific audience.

After a user has landed in your website, they are all yours, it then becomes your job to sell them.

Back to the desert example of a store, this would be the equivalent of filling your store with hundreds and even thousands of people every single day that are interested in your product, not just from Dubai but from the whole world.

At this point it then becomes extremely easy to sell them said product.

The other most important stage of this entire advertising company in Dubai has got to be retargeting, you might have heard of this in the word remarketing and they are both the exact same in terms of meaning.

What this means is basically:

After a customer enters the website or store, they are interested in your product obviously, however not every single customer that comes in, is ready to buy just then and there.

When this happens we have to be ready to capture the customer again when they are ready to buy.

Most people’s attention span is extremely small so whenever they are ready to buy they might as well look elsewhere.

When this happens it’s extremely important that you are the one they return to.

This is achieved in the form of retargeting them a second time after they are ready to buy, only the finest agencies do this, and only us in Dubai (it has proved to raise sales by up to 50% in some cases).

Ads that follow them around through the web and even emails directly to them will guide them into your website or store again where they will turn into your new happy customers.

This is a complex and technical system within itself, utilizing the main websites of the world and direct people to your website from there is no easy task.

However here at this advertising agency in Dubai we’ve implemented successfully this system in a vast number of businesses that have increased their sales dramatically, some of which have done it up to 10 times given the nature of their products.

This is not easy, and that’s why our strategies and unique systems have been at the top for so long; implementing this without any guidance would be a disaster for the non-professional marketer.

All of our clients fall under a non-disclosure agreement, this protects the business, the brand and the most important part of it all: their unique marketing and advertising strategies from their competition.

If you want to be a part of this then fill out our discovery form which you can find at the menu and in different buttons across our agency’s website.

There you will be explained what we need from you to start and how we can help you grow your business to the sky.

Down to the planning and the technology required for all this, we will take care of it all. Implementing and explaining to you how this will all work specifically to your business like no other strategy out there.

Online advertising has been the king of the marketing for many years now after the invention of the internet and this Dubai digital agency has worked it all up to deliver the best methods and strategies to our clients increasing their revenue exponentially as their brand grows in popularity locally and globally.

Having the right tools at the right time is the key to a successful business, showing your product to the world and following the world with your product is the way to the top, without a shadow of a doubt, the only way in which a business can and will grow, is by implementing the best proven systems, measured from the very core.

As the famous saying reads “know your numbers” (especially important in Dubai).